Pecos Bill
Pecos Bill
Take a rollicking ride through the Wild West with the original cowboy, Pecos Bill. Raised by coyotes to brave the great frontier, Pecos rides his wild mustang Widow Maker and invents the first rough-and-tumble cattle drive. Then he mounts a runaway cyclone like a buckin' bronco to create the Great Salt Lake. Rich in language, imagery, and sheer nonsensical fun, Pecos Bill is a fast and furious fantasy your family is sure to enjoy.
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  • Parents' Choice - Classic Award

  • 1990
  • CINE Golden Eagle Award

  • 1989
  • American Library Association - Notable Children's Recording
  • American Film and Video Festival - Red Ribbon
  • International Monitor Awards - Best in Children's Programming
  • Media and Methods Portfolio

  • 1988
  • Grammy Award - Best Recording for Children
  • Parents' Choice - Best Video of Children in 1988